Monday, April 16, 2012

Album Review: Anathema - Weather Systems

Anathema have always walked the line between being melodic and entrancing, to heavy thunderous doom soundscapes. While continuing to walk that line, stitching together a fabric between beauty and morbid this album has a much more 'commercial' feel to it, as opposed to albums like 1995's "Silent Enigma" which, had that heaviness to it in such appropriate doses.

With that said, "Untouchables Part 1 & 2" kick off the album with the hauntingly beautiful soundscapes that make up the ethereal tone of the album. "The Gathering of The Clouds" is a standout cut that, while sounding commercial, has some very dreamy moments that merge into "Lightening Song."

The entire album is consistent in its departure into a more palatable effort for the masses. The standout track on the album, "The Beginning and The End" teeters on that edge of heaviness balanced with grace and beauty, while the rest of the album folds into a softer, gentler Anathema. One that is easy on the ears, at times too easy; making a longtime fan wonder what became of the heavy instances of doom that helped create an equilibrium that was so unique. 

Rating: 4 out of 7 Headknockers

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